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New Waverly Public Library

Volunteer Policy

The New Waverly Public Library's mission is to serve all citizens of the community by offering services, resources, and facilities to fulfill their informational, educational, and recreational needs and interests. The term "citizen" encompasses individuals and groups of every age, education, philosophy, occupation, economic level, ethnic origin and human condition. The Library welcomes anyone wishing to support the Library's goals. Volunteers are expected to act in accordance with all Library directives and policies, follow all directions and instructions by the supervising staff member(s), and reflect positive customer service attitudes to all Library patrons, staff, and volunteers. New Waverly Public Library does not compensate volunteers through wages, benefits, reimbursement expenses, or any other form of compensation. Library volunteers are not considered Library employees. New Waverly Public Library reserves the right to discontinue volunteer opportunities or terminate the services of any individual volunteer or volunteer group without prior notice at the discretion of the Library Director of the New Waverly Public Library's Board of Directors. Each volunteer has an important set of duties during each shift; however, these duties should never be given priority when a patron is waiting to be served. All volunteers are representatives of the Library and should avoid making derogatory remarks about staff, services, or policies to the public. Any dissatisfaction should be resolved privately with the Library Director or Library Board of Directors. Eligibility: The New Waverly Public Library welcomes anyone wishing to apply for a volunteer position. Applicants do not have to have previous library experience; however, it is a plus. All volunteers will be trained on-site for any task that they are given. Volunteers fulfill a variety of tasks to support staff and augment services to the community. * Needs may vary and flexibility is required. *Volunteers must be at least 12 years old or accompanied by the Director, Youth Librarian, or Assistant to the Director. *Volunteers must meet the requirements and complete necessary on-site training for each position. *Volunteers need to demonstrate proficiency for all assignments. *Volunteer assignments may be terminated due to changing needs or at the discretion of the Library Director or Board of Directors. *The Library is sometimes unable to accept volunteers that are qualified. *Volunteers under consideration may be subject to a background check. *Volunteers under consideration will be contacted for an interview. All other applicants will be kept on file for six (6) months. *Acceptance of an application is at the Library's discretion. Scheduling: Volunteers must arrive on time for their scheduled shift and be ready to work. Volunteers that are not scheduled will not be able to work. Volunteers that miss their shift(s) may be removed from the schedule. Volunteers must contact the Director or Assistant to the Director if they are unable to come in for their scheduled shift. Expectations: The Library expects all volunteers to: *Complete the volunteer application and sign volunteer agreement *Attend an interview with the Library Director *Set a regular schedule with the Library Director *Work on delegated tasks that have been assigned *Be productive and cooperative team members *Follow all Library policies and procedures; ask for clarification when needed *Arrive on time and be ready to work Privacy: No confidential information belonging to patrons, staff, or volunteers will be given to unauthorized persons without the individual's written consent. Information concerning library patrons acquired from any source will be kept confidential and discussed only with appropriate staff. Safety: The New Waverly Public Library is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for all staff and volunteers. Any unsafe conditions that may be potential hazards or items in need of repair should be immediately reported to the Library Director or Assistant to the Director. All accidents and emergencies must be reported immediately to the Library Director or Assistant to the Director. Discrimination/Harassment: It is the New Waverly Public Library's policy to provide equal volunteer opportunities for all applicants meeting the minimum requirements for the position. New Waverly Public Library does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, medical condition (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions), family-care status, veteran status, marital status, or sexual orientation. New Waverly Public Library prohibits the harassment of any individual on any basis listed above. Terms of Service: New Waverly Public Library appreciates that volunteers may not be able to continue to give their time. Anyone needing to end their volunteer commitment should notify the Library Director of this decision and the effective date. Volunteers will be terminated by the Library for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: *Disclosure of confidential information *Incompetence *Rudeness to patrons and/or staff and other volunteers *Harassment of any kind *Noncompliance with the Library's policies and procedures *Disregard for safety practices *Absences without notice or unwillingness/inability to adhere to the schedule *Consumption of (or under the influence of) alcohol or illegal drugs *Conduct which is deemed criminal under applicable law Policy adopted by Board of Directors on 03/08/2018

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