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New Waverly Public Library

About Us

  • Who We Are

    Libraries are often deceiving when you first walk in.  What could be so interesting about a quiet building?  Timothy Healy said it best, "To those with ears to hear, libraries are really very noisy places.   On their shelves we hear the captured voices of the centuries-old conversation that makes up our civilization."   At New Waverly Public Library, we will strive to help you grow mentally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.  There is literally a book about anything, and if we don't carry it, we can borrow it for you from another library.

    Many Books

    Our goal is to open our doors in welcome to you and assist you in anyway we possibly can. Please take a look at the services we offer under Library Services.

    library device

    Our Mission

    The guiding principles for your library

    The New Waverly Public Library will serve all of the citizens of the community by offering services, resources, and facilities to fulfill their informational, educational, and recreational needs and interests.  The term "citizens" encompasses individuals and groups of every age, education, philosophy, occupation, economic level, ethnic origin and human condition.

  • Library Policies

    The way we do things and why
    • Library Policies

      The following policies govern how we use our library.

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    • Volunteer Policy

      The New Waverly Public Library's mission is to serve all citizens of the community by offering services, resources, and facilities to fulfill their informational, educational, and recreational needs and interests. The term "citizen" encompasses individuals and groups of every age, education, philosophy, occupation, economic level, ethnic origin and human condition. The Library welcomes anyone wishing to support the Library's goals. Volunteers are expected to act in accordance with all Library directives and policies, follow all directions and instructions by the supervising staff member(s), and reflect positive customer service attitudes to all Library patrons, staff, and volunteers. New Waverly Public Library does not compensate volunteers through wages, benefits, reimbursement expenses, or any other form of compensation. Library volunteers are not considered Library employees. New Waverly Public Library reserves the right to discontinue volunteer opportunities or terminate the services of any individual volunteer or volunteer group without prior notice at the discretion of the Library Director of the New Waverly Public Library's Board of Directors. Each volunteer has an important set of duties during each shift; however, these duties should never be given priority when a patron is waiting to be served. All volunteers are representatives of the Library and should avoid making derogatory remarks about staff, services, or policies to the public. Any dissatisfaction should be resolved privately with the Library Director or Library Board of Directors. Eligibility: The New Waverly Public Library welcomes anyone wishing to apply for a volunteer position. Applicants do not have to have previous library experience; however, it is a plus. All volunteers will be trained on-site for any task that they are given. Volunteers fulfill a variety of tasks to support staff and augment services to the community. * Needs may vary and flexibility is required. *Volunteers must be at least 12 years old or accompanied by the Director, Youth Librarian, or Assistant to the Director. *Volunteers must meet the requirements and complete necessary on-site training for each position. *Volunteers need to demonstrate proficiency for all assignments. *Volunteer assignments may be terminated due to changing needs or at the discretion of the Library Director or Board of Directors. *The Library is sometimes unable to accept volunteers that are qualified. *Volunteers under consideration may be subject to a background check. *Volunteers under consideration will be contacted for an interview. All other applicants will be kept on file for six (6) months. *Acceptance of an application is at the Library's discretion. Scheduling: Volunteers must arrive on time for their scheduled shift and be ready to work. Volunteers that are not scheduled will not be able to work. Volunteers that miss their shift(s) may be removed from the schedule. Volunteers must contact the Director or Assistant to the Director if they are unable to come in for their scheduled shift. Expectations: The Library expects all volunteers to: *Complete the volunteer application and sign volunteer agreement *Attend an interview with the Library Director *Set a regular schedule with the Library Director *Work on delegated tasks that have been assigned *Be productive and cooperative team members *Follow all Library policies and procedures; ask for clarification when needed *Arrive on time and be ready to work Privacy: No confidential information belonging to patrons, staff, or volunteers will be given to unauthorized persons without the individual's written consent. Information concerning library patrons acquired from any source will be kept confidential and discussed only with appropriate staff. Safety: The New Waverly Public Library is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for all staff and volunteers. Any unsafe conditions that may be potential hazards or items in need of repair should be immediately reported to the Library Director or Assistant to the Director. All accidents and emergencies must be reported immediately to the Library Director or Assistant to the Director. Discrimination/Harassment: It is the New Waverly Public Library's policy to provide equal volunteer opportunities for all applicants meeting the minimum requirements for the position. New Waverly Public Library does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, medical condition (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions), family-care status, veteran status, marital status, or sexual orientation. New Waverly Public Library prohibits the harassment of any individual on any basis listed above. Terms of Service: New Waverly Public Library appreciates that volunteers may not be able to continue to give their time. Anyone needing to end their volunteer commitment should notify the Library Director of this decision and the effective date. Volunteers will be terminated by the Library for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: *Disclosure of confidential information *Incompetence *Rudeness to patrons and/or staff and other volunteers *Harassment of any kind *Noncompliance with the Library's policies and procedures *Disregard for safety practices *Absences without notice or unwillingness/inability to adhere to the schedule *Consumption of (or under the influence of) alcohol or illegal drugs *Conduct which is deemed criminal under applicable law Policy adopted by Board of Directors on 03/08/2018

  • Library Services

    Everything we do, inside the library or out, we do for you.

    drivers lisence  Circulation Services

    Patrons may check-out books and DVDs and also use Wi-Fi internet services for free with a library account. New Waverly Public Library requires that patrons must show a valid government issued photo I.D. along with two different forms of proof of current address to establish a library account. If a valid driver's license with current address is one form of I.D., then only one other form of proof of address is needed.  Children are encouraged to have their own library number, but they must have a guardian/parent with required I.D. to fill out and sign all necessary paperwork. Copies and print-outs are .20 cents a page and faxes are $1.00 to send and .50 cents to receive. 

    find book    Reference Assistance   

    You are also welcome to walk-in and use the catalog on the computer or ask a library volunteer at the circulation desk for assistance in finding what you need.

    The Library's Collection book in box

    The New Waverly Public Library tries very hard to order the books you want and love! If there is a book you see we do not have, but would like check-out, please fill-out the purchase request form under "About Us" - "Contact Us". We also take book donations. Thank you in advance.

    Community Room    Community Spaces in the Library

    • We have a beautiful Community Room with kitchen facilities that is available for reservation by anyone interested. To secure rental, interested parties must come into the library to fill out rental agreement paperwork and pay for hours requested. Cleaning deposit is required before keys are issued. Renters are also responsible for completing a facility walk-through to discuss cleaning duties before keys are issued. 

         Community Room reservation fees are as follows:

     $35.00 per hour 

    $20.00 per hour (non-profits only)

                                                               $150 cleaning deposit - if NOT cleaned and left in same conditions, the deposit will be forfeited.

                                                            (New Waverly Public Library only accepts cash or check for payment of any library services.)

                                                 Service Organizations are allowed to use the Community Room for meetings only (Monday-Friday 11am-6pm)

                                                          Per the Board of Directors: The Community Room can be rented during the following hours:

                                                                                                Monday-Friday (11am-8pm) and Saturday-Sunday (8am-10pm)

                                                      (***Changes to rental rate were voted on and adopted by the Board of Directors on March 08, 2018***)



  • Supporting Your Library

    How to get involved!

    volunteer                   Volunteering

    New Waverly Public Library is run by volunteers. If you are interested in knowing how the Library could use YOU, please contact Ralyn Frost, the Library Director, at (936) 344-2198 or e-mail her at

    Volunteer application can be found under the "FORMS" section.


    The New Waverly Public Library relies heavily upon donations from patrons and the community. We will accept book and DVD/audio books as long as they meet the following requirements: 1.) all donations must be in good condition (no damage or odors), 2.) Adult fiction and non-fiction must have a copyright date of 2000 or higher, 3.) no restrictions on children/young adult materials as long as they are in good condition.

    Board of Directors

    The following people meet the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:00pm to discuss library needs and policies.

    Board President – Ralph Bales



    Vice President – Bonita Botard


    Secretary –  Rosie Daffin



    Treasurer – Michael Piper


    Robin Riley, Gloria Riley, and Brenda Russell

    Members – Danielle Watts, Shirley Ramirez

    STAFF/Program Leaders (Volunteers)

    Library Director- Ralynn Frost


     Market Day/Fundraising - Rosie Daffin


    Preschool Leader - Emily Unger

  • Your Library Card

    Getting a card, renewing materials, placing holds, etc.

    library card


    Who can get a card?

    Anyone in the state of Texas.

    How to Get Your Card
     You must have a valid government issued photo i.d. along with two different forms of proof of current address when applying for a library number.  A driver's license with a current address may serve as the photo i.d. and one of the proofs of address. Children are encouraged to have their own library number, but they must have a guardian/parent with them. 

    Everyone applying for membership must give a Contact Person's Name and Phone Number of someone Not living in the household with them.

    Borrowing Limits

    Initial checkout for new patrons is a maximum of three items only, one of which can be a DVD. Established patrons may check-out 5 books and 3 DVDs at a time. Patrons can check-out books for two weeks and DVDs for one week.

    Placing Holds

    Patrons may request to place a hold on a book, DVD, or audio CD. To place a hold, the patron will need to let the library volunteer know the name/title of requested item, along with a current telephone number. A library volunteer will then call the patron when their hold request is available for pick-up.

    Renewing Your Borrowed Items
    At this time, the only way to renew items is to call (936) 344-2198 and give them your library #, last and first name. The library volunteer will then renew your items over the phone and let you know the new due date. 

    Library Fines
    Late book fines are .20 cents a day per book.

    Late video fines are $1.00 a day per video. 

    Texas Criminal Law (Sec.31.03) indicates that THEFT includes possession of property 'without the owner's effective consent'. The NWPL (New Waverly Public Library) DOES NOT CONSENT to any patron's losing, destroying, or retaining items without reimbursement.  Non-return of items within the limits stated above will be considered as THEFT, a law officer may be requested to recover the property, and if necessary the violation will be pursued in a court of law as either a Class C or B misdemeanor.  The cost of LEGAL REPRESENTATION will be borne by the offending patron.

  • History of the Library

    The idea of a library for New Waverly was born of the dream of Marie Underwood, long time English teacher and high school principal of New Waverly.  Always the lover of learning and books, Mrs. Underwood gathered some like minded individuals and with the support and blessings of the New Waverly City Council moved into two small rooms in City Hall.  Besides free rent, the city Fathers provided free utilities.  From the library’s incorporation on December 18, 1987, the community immediately came to its support.   At once donated books began to fill the shelves and volunteers stepped in serve the patrons. Our school district provided financial assistance of $2500 and the Houston Area Library System provided some equipment.  All other costs were met through fundraising.                                                                         


    It was not long before the library was outgrowing its home and Justice of the Peace John Pasket stepped up to lead the library to a new and bigger dream, its own building.  Supported by community leaders, library patrons, and Mrs. Underwood, plans began to formulate as to what could be done.  Ron Kolb stepped forward to be the architect of the dream.  With Mr. Kolb as Project Coordinator, the building began to take shape.  Hundreds of hours of volunteer labor and materials were donated by citizens throughout Walker County and beyond.  Judge Pasket led the fund raising efforts and a Friends of the Library group was organized to carry through on fund raising projects.

    In June, 2000, a groundbreaking ceremony took place at the new site on south 75.  Plans would include a Community Room which could be rented for events. It has quickly become a hub of activity including showers, meetings, parties and even church services.  It is rented for $35 per hour and a refundable key deposit.

    March 10, 2008, the doors to the ‘new’ New Waverly Public Library opened for business with a ribbon cutting ceremony where Mrs. Esther Underwood (sister-in-law) to Mrs. Marie Underwood (now deceased) cut the ribbon. Those who were present looked with pride on the beauty and welcoming atmosphere of the 10,000 square foot building.

    In August, 2008 Mrs. Betty Smith, our librarian, for 20 years, asked to step down.  Mrs. Becky Powell, an active library volunteer, became the new librarian and held this position for over 7 years before stepping down. As of 2016, our new librarian is Mrs. Kameron Sutton, who has been an active library volunteer since 2010. 

    In May 2019, Mrs. Ralynn Frost became the new Director of the Library.  Mrs. Kameron Sutton stepped down from Director position in February 2019.  Mrs. Ralynn Frost has been a volunteer for years and an assistant to Mrs. Sutton prior to being promoted to Director. 

    The library is 90% staffed by 15 volunteers who keep the library open 35 hours a week. Currently the library receives some financial assistance from the New Waverly ISD (who let us build on school land) and City of New Waverly.  Forty to fifty percent of the budget is raised by volunteers. 

    With its conception in 1987 to the ribbon cutting at its new facility in 2008, one may follow the realization of a dream.  A beautiful building, fully equipped with library materials and computers and full of books and totally debt free.  Please excuse our pride but we know this dream belongs to all who put their toil, time, treasure and love into it.  Come see us and you will understand.

    Hours of Operation are:  Monday - Friday 11am - 6pm