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TFS- Tuition Funding Sources

Hard economic times are forcing students to either find a scholarship or get a loan if they want to go to college. Most students have no idea where to find scholarships and choose student loans only to learn after they graduate that it is much easier to borrow money than pay it back. TFS website represents 24 years of scholarship research that has produced the largest source of scholarships in the world. The scholarship database has been displayed in the Smithsonian. The website is free of charge and 100% non-commercial.

Job Searching

You will find help,  information, and a schedule of workshops regarding resume preparation, writing cover letters, online application completion, job hunting strategies, and interviewing techniques.  You will also find links to self-paced tutorials, lists of agencies offering training by region, and much more.

job wanted

STEP 1  Go to

STEP 2  Click on JobNow logo.

STEP 3  Click on JobNow logo again.

STEP 4  Input the password:  twdl0123456789

STEP 5  Click on the “Write the Resume” button.

STEP 6  Then click on the “Resume Lab.”  

STEP 7  Users will be prompted to input their own unique username/password. 

**First time users should click on the “Sign Up” button on the bottom to create their own unique username and password.  **Users must input their own unique username/password to access the proofed resumes.  For patrons who require a username/password assistance - or call Brainfuse at 1-866-BRAINFUSE (272-4638).