New Waverly Public Library

Good Resources

Tools Available for Libraries, Employers and Veterans to Understand How to Translate and Apply Military Skills to Business Use:

  1. "Combat Leader to Corporate Leader" by Chad Storlie.
  2. "Battlefield to Business Success" by Chad Storlie - kindle & nook.
  3. Oxford Leadership Journal - Managing and Leading in the Midst of Uncertainty: Lessons from the Military by Chad Storlie -
  4. Harvard Business Review Blog - Military Skill Sets Lead to Organizational Success by Chad Storlie -
  5. Harvard Business Review Blog - Manage Uncertainty with Commander's Intent By Chad Storlie -
  6. Inc Magazine - Leading Through Uncertainty: Lessons in Managing From the U.S. Military - Chad Storlie Interview -
  7. Federal Computer Week - Hiring Veterans: Strategies for Success by Chad Storlie -
  8. Combat To Corporate Free Resources -
  9. Chad Storlie Videos on Vimeo (7 Hours) -
  10. Warrior In the Workforce - Applying Military Skills to Business Seminar by Chad Storlie.

A Few of the Available Studies Addressing Military to Civilian Employment Gaps:

Monster Talent Index #1 –

Monster Talent Index #2 –\



James Madison Institute -