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New Waverly Public Library

Library Policies

The following policies govern how we use our library.

Computer Usage

All children 12 and under must have a parent's supervision in order for them to use the computer. Patrons have 30 minutes on the computer should there be other patrons waiting to use it.

The Board of Directors modified the internet usage policy in 2009 to state: THERE IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON USING THE PUBLIC LIBRARY COMPUTERS TO VIEW PORNOGRAPHY. Any patron found viewing pornography on the library computers will be called upon by the county sheriff  department and receive a criminal trespass warning. This means that patron will no longer be allowed to use the library.

comp policy

Library Fines

 fines click Your Library Card .               

Keeping Children Safe

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Patrons Responsibilities

All patrons are to act in an orderly manner. Should behavior be questionable, the Library Director may use her discretion in handling the matter. Patrons should have appropriate public clothing on.